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Education & Event Services
Petting zoo's Wildlife friends Pony Rides

Education & Event Services
Petting zoo's Wildlife friends Pony Rides

   " Our Zu 2 U "

Traveling Services Only

Serving Central Virginia


   " Our Zu 2 U "

Traveling Services Only

Serving Central Virginia

Educational & Event Services *Proudly Serving Central VA*


 Your # 1 animal connection  

*Guaranteed *

        We offer a wide range of services

    Small private  parties to large venues.


 Petting zoo's ,Exotic animal programs                                                                                                                                                                                       Pony rides, Travel zoo...

* Our Wild World "Wildlife Friends" Inside/outside set up 4 tables -One of a kind in our area ! 

Exotic animal program/or theme exhibit 

. Educational live science nature program/or exhibit-offer's hands on ! Our animal ambassadors from around the world features (general animal list): Madagascar's Beautiful endangered Ring tail lemur, Giant hissing cockroaches, Rain-forest the unique curious and unusual Coatimundi "Jose", Africa's Prickly hedgehog, the African cape porcupine, the Awesome homes hidgeback tortoise, the Beautiful ball python, Interesting Giant millipedes,

Arctic tundra The Arctic fox "Kayia",

Australia's  Bearded dragon, and the White's "chubby" tree frogs.

* Incorporates all Sol's

all ages "on sight field trip's" very popular ! 

classification,life processes,species,life cycles,changes,adaptation.

*Our Petting Zoo " Barnyard Buddies"  The best ! Festively/ themed decorated -Complete with hay bales and brushes for full hands on fun ! -- Something for everyone ! All ages enjoy !

Our awesome variety of mini farm animals - very cute little pony , the wonderful Jerusalem donkey, playful fainting goats, Lula bell the soft sheep, quaky white ducks, frilly chickens from China, and always the favorite soft fluffy bunnies ! 

* Pony Rides - Popular and fun several size ponies available.

* Children's Parties -

  3 great options to choose from :  

(combo packages available)

Let the fun begin ! 

1-Pony Rides  Always popular several size ponies available. Cute small pony for younger children - theme decor provided upon request : Unicorn, my little pony , cowboy.

2- Barnyard Buddies- Our petting zoo- offering a great variety of small farm animals- cute little pony, the wonderful Jerusalem donkey, fun playful fainting goats, lula bell the soft sheep, quaky white ducks, frilly chickens,Always the favorite soft cute bunnies. Something for everyone complete with hay bales and brushes !

3- Wildlife Friends"Our Wild World" live science educational nature program inside/or outside set on 4 tables offers mostly hands on! Featuring (general animal list) Madagascar our beautiful endangered lemur "king Julian", Madagascar's giant hissing cockroaches, The unique curious and unusual Coatimundi"Jose" from the rain forest, On to Africa a prickly hedgehog "gloves available" , The awesome Homes hingeback tortoise, The beautiful Ball python, the Giant African millipedes, On to Australia the Bearded dragon see how this lizard adapts so well, The awesome Whites green "chubby" tree frogs.

 All ages enjoy ! Explore and discover our world !


* Theme Parties- " Live" !

* Anteater to zebra *

* Live Nativities- Full production to stationary exhibit (led inside or stationary outside) Jerusalem donkey, sheep, goats, Camel available upon special request. 

*Hay Rides

*White dove releases- Weddings, grand openings, funeral services


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